I like to look for vulnerabilities in software. Below are some of the things I have found and received recognition for.

CVE Vendor Advisory Exploit Coverage
CVE-2020-28328 SuiteCRM release notes EDB-49001  
CVE-2020-4002 VMSA-2020-0025 Won’t be published Help Net Security BleepingComputer
No CVE phpBB Release h1 Report 1018568  
CVE-2021-31933 Chamilo Security tracker: Issue “#48 EDB-49867  
CVE-2021-42840 SuiteCRM release notes 7.11.19 Metasploit module Metasploit blog post

I also occasionally research or write exploits for vulnerabilities that other researchers discover

CVE Discovery/Credit Exploit
CVE-2020-16125 Github Security exploit